Profitable Actions to reach financial goalsRetail Marketing, Retail Logistics and Store Operations only generate profits when you take action. Profitability is highest, when all actions are carried out simultaniously and professionally.

For example: price reduction only works, when price image is improved and turnover gets higher. And more customers in the physical or online shop only works, with optimal logistics and a wide range of products with competitive prices.

To reach your profit goals, we deliver these services:



Case histories are completed projects by Joost van der Laan. They are examples for future activities for clients. These overviews of consultancy projects are anonymous, unless they are published in trade magazines or presented in a public presentation by client consent.

ACTIVITY BASED COSTING: Modeling and analysis of distribution system of snacks A-brand supplier; efficiency improvement of out-of-home distribution to 25.000 outlets.

STORE BALANCED SCORECARD: Implementing a Balanced Scorecard for stores of national retailer; a trigger and action system for four success factors: productive and creative employees, efficient store processes, customer service and customer loyalty, financial results.

ACTIVITY BASED COSTING: Development of Activity Based Costing model of central warehouse, transport and stores of national retailer; using the system for flexible rates of logistics service provider, output based budgets and employee planning.

COST-PROFIT MANAGEMENT: Development of Cost-Profit Management model for PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

VALUE CHAIN ANALYSIS: VCA project Sara Lee UK; financial analysis of assortment profitability and logistics efficiency. Unexpected profit makers caused product managers to change the assortment.

TRAINING QUALITY COST ANALYSIS: In-company training for consultants and auditors of Quality Assurance company. Quality Cost Analysis is now additional product offering of the company.

RATE NEGOTIATIONS: Rate negotiations for retailer with wholesale company; finding a balance between high delivery frequency and low rates. The new rate structure makes it interesting for both parties to continually search for cost reduction and process improvement.

BUSINESS PLAN ONLINE RETAILING: Screening business plans of two internet retailers for informal investor.


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