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The Market of Online Grocery Retail

THIS IS CHAPTER 1 (GROCERY MARKET) OF THE “TEN BATTLES OF ONLINE GROCERY” REPORT READ MORE ABOUT THE OTHER 17 CHAPTERS 1.1       The international “Law of Food Spending” The grocery market is one of the largest segments in global retail, in which established international players lead the way with significant market share. In the US an average […]

Online grocery retailing report

A must read for: supermarket entrepreneurs grocery retail companies professional consultants retail students and professors With best cases: Webvan, Peapod, Walmart, Amazon, Instacart, Tesco, Asda, Ocado, Albert Heijn, Picnic, HelloFresh and India online grocery retail. Solutions in detail: Direct Home Delivery and Pick-up Points, Full Range Online and the Food Box, pricing strategies and traffic building, delivery fees and subscriptions. […]

Online Grocery Retailing

This article will: prevent you from going bankrupt, demonstrate Internet opportunities for traditional retailers and show cost/profit modeling for effective e-business planning Motivation for this article is the analysis of commercially successful and commercially failing online grocery retailers. And the experience as wholesale supplier of two well managed but failing online grocery businesses. Management Summary Success […]

Direct Product Profitability

The goal of a Direct Product Profitability (DPP) project is to: Improve sales and gross margin by changing: product assortment, article presentation in the store and consumer prices Reduce costs by changing: process (logistics, store handling) and product characteristics (package size, item size) Results of a DPP analysis of 5 different products. Item A is […]

Category Management

Category Management is the management of product categories as strategic business units, were assortment, pricing, inventory levels, shelf-space allocation, promotions and buying are all managed as a whole. This intensive training course is all about implementing Category Management in your organization. Workshop program 1. Development of Category Management The pioneers: Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble and […]

Retail Store Productivity

Since net margins of retailers are in the range of 2-5%, 10% reduction of labor costs will double net profit! Productivity improvement by “Internal Benchmarking” has been developed on the shopfloor, to improve productivity with the consent of employees! Labor cost management has three levels of productivity drivers: Strategic level: the marketing mix of the […]

Automatic Replenishment

Automatic Store Replenishment is a powerful strategic weapon for retailers. Seven benefits of Automatic Store Replenishment (or Computer Assisted Ordering) and cycle-counting. New features are: Nice Shelf Stock to improve commercially attractive shelves, Counting by Exception to improve data integrity and store productivity and Store Order Leveling™ to improve logistics productivity. Automatic Store Replenishment is: “the […]

Optimal Case-pack Quantity

The case-pack quantity of fast moving consumer products is a battlefield between retailers and suppliers because of conflicting interests. Retailers want small case-pack quantities because they prefer low shelf stocks. Suppliers want large case-pack quantities for lower packaging costs and more shelf space. This is a practical analysis of the effects of case-pack quantity on […]