Joost van der Laan Retail EconomicsI help retail companies and their suppliers passionately to improve Marketing, Logistics and Store Operations. My projects result in higher customer traffic and turnover, lower costs and often a substantial increase in profitability.

And I coach, train and lecture professionals and students to successfully use Retail Economics tools. Long term client “Jumbo” has become “Best Supermarket Chain” in The Netherlands.

Short resume



CONSULTANCY PROJECTS as independent consultant; 1993-present; see case histories:

CTAC POWERHOUSE / RE-SPECT; 2004-2006; marketing ERP systems in Food Retail

ERASMUS FOOD MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE; 2001-2003; parttime Research Director; research projects for 50 A-brand suppliers, 20 retailers and 10 service providers. Reports on “Logistics for Commercial Managers, “Online Shopping Learning Effects”, “Category Management” etc.; mentoring of graduate economy students.

COOPERS & LYBRAND (PriceWaterhouse Coopers); 1997-1999; project management at the ECR Center of Excellence Europe:

  • Value Chain Analysis projects (e.g. Sara Lee UK)
  • Category Management supplier/retailer projects (e.g. Unilever/Jumbo)
  • Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) seminars in the Baltics for Proctor & Gamble
  • Development Cost Profit model

VAN EERD GROUP / JUMBO Supermarkets; 1995-2000; consultancy and interim management; Director Wholesale Division 1997-1999; development of successful Jumbo EDLP store format; Category Management projects for all 36 product categories; introduction productivity planning and automatic replenishment.

AC NIELSEN; 1991-1993; Director PRODIS consultancy division:

  • Multi-client projects (e.g. Distribution of Perishables)
  • European image research project for Johnson Wax
  • DPP supply chain cost/profit projects
  • Space Management
  • Location research Mc Donalds

LUNDIA; 1990; Interim Manager Logistics; introduction of customer service department and routeplanning for consumer deliveries

AT KEARNEY; 1989-1991; consultancy in variety of industries and areas. Examples:

  • Organizing Total Quality Management (TQM) practice of AT Kearney
  • TQM at “De Fenix” production plant
  • Reduction quality costs at Wegener Tijl printing division
  • Distribution Kortman Intradal manufacturing
  • Intercompany transportation Molnlycke
  • Multimodal transportation Province of Brabant
  • Logistics structure Vroom en Dreesman department stores

BLOKKER Household Stores; 1987-1989; Director Logistics; development of automated central warehouse and introduction purchasing system

VOMAR Supermarkets; 1985-1987; Manager ICT and Logistics, introduction of scanning and productivity system in the stores, shrinkage project, outsourcing transportation, development of central automatic replenishment.

AHOLD; 1981-1985; acquisiton, investment analysis, projectmanager and site manager full-line Albert Heijn warehouse Zwolle, Controller Distribution Ahold

BIJENKORF Department Stores; 1977-1981; Manager Research & Development; consumer research, store marketing planning, Overhead Value Analysis with Mc Kinsey; promotion effectiveness research, management Loyalty Card and first European Apple PC shop.



Joost van der Laan has a Science (physics and chemistry) bachelors degree from the University of Amsterdam and a Business Administration masters (drs) degree from the University of Rotterdam.

His thesis was on computer modelling of the Exxon Lube Oil Blending Plant in Rotterdam (“Lubrication of Policy Making”).

Recently Joost became NLP Practitioner and Avatar Master, and he studied Coaching, Enneagram (personality types) and Hypnotherapy, to improve consultancy and training practice. He was also licenced as investment advisor.



TOURISM COLLEGE BALI; 2001- ; visiting lecturer; contact Dr I.W. Mastra, former Bisshop Protestant Christian Church of Bali.

WAGENINGEN UNIVERSITY; 2001-2005; visiting lecturer at the International Food Management Programm; Efficient Consumer Response and Category Management; contact prof. Adri Beulens.

ERASMUS FOOD MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE; 2000-2003; parttime Research Director; research projects for 50 A-brand suppliers, 20 retailers and 10 service providers. Reports on “Logistics for Commercial Managers, “Online Shopping Learning Effects”, “Category Management” etc.; mentoring of graduate economy students.

Lecturer Master of Food Program; management of sections Logistics and Category Management, mentoring of postgraduate students; contact Dr Laurens Sloot.

NYENRODE UNIVERSITY; 1994-2000; visiting lecturer postgraduate Food Management Studies.

ECR EUROPE SHRINKAGE COMMITTEE; 2003-2005; strategies to prevent shrinkage by internal and external theft and process failures; the ECR Europe Shrinkage Report.

SPEAKERS ACADEMY; guest speaker for seminars and business events; 2001- .

NATIONAL FOOD CONGRES ADVISORY BOARD; 1995-2001; organization of 6 congresses for top managers of Dutch food retailers and suppliers.

FOOD PERSONALITY; 1998-2000; consultant and writer monthly articles on product specific Category Management (“Mr Category”); bi-monthly columns (“Erasmusketiers”).

STEERING COMMITTEE ECR CONTINUOUS REPLENISHMENT; 1996-1997; project management ECR CRP project of suppliers Mona (deserts), Uniekaas (cheese), Johma (salads), Stegeman (meat products) and supermarket chains Jumbo, Vomar, Konmar, Hermans and knowledge institutes Coopers & Lybrand, ATO/DLO and Wageningen University.



IRON CONDOR INVESTING; 2009-present; development of “The Iron Condor Option Investment Method”, and selling the e-book on

INTERNET MARKETING; 2003-2009 ; management of 40+ Google Adwords campaigns for small businesses. Check out my website (in Dutch!) on Internet Marketing.

JOWAMANDARI VILLAS BALI; 2001-2005; development of a small villa resort in Bali Indonesia, including a tropical garden and KOI carp ponds.



Case histories are completed projects by Joost van der Laan. They are examples for future activities for clients. These overviews of consultancy projects are anonymous, unless they are published in trade magazines or presented in a public presentation by client consent.



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